The original compressor & PV Panel cleaners

The original compressor cleaners -

R-MC G21
The original aqueous based compressor cleaner. This product can be used on both aero/helicopter and stationary aero-derivative industrial gas turbines. It is available in different concentrations depending on operational requirements. The fluid is also approved for use offshore, having HOCNF certification.
R-MC Power Back®
Is a concentrate that is designed for blade washing large Frame Gas Turbines off-line. Its high concentration makes it especially suitable where a supply of demineralised water is readily available.
R-MC Power Guard®
This on-line aqueous based compressor cleaning fluid is specifically formulated for LIT and HIT engines to remain effective throughout the length of the compressor, thus ensuring the fouling is carried into the combustors safely. The product can be supplied as a four times concentrate or as a ready-to-use. For convenience the product can also be pre-mixed with antifreeze to provide protection down to -5ºC or -10ºC, for cold weather conditions.
R-MC T70
Is a product formulated for diesel reciprocating engines used in either marine propulsion or land based power generation. It is designed to maintain turbo-charger, air charge cooler, valves, scavenge channel and turbine at peak efficiency.

The original PV panel cleaners -

R-MC S21
Is a specifically formulated broad-spectrum cleaning fluid designed for the regular cleaning of solar PV panels to restore output and maximise revenue potential. Using our surface-active chemistry, it safely breaks down the soiling and cementing caused by the adhesion of hydrocarbons, bird droppings, dust, pollen, insects, agricultural, marine aerosols and other local environmental pollutants that soil the PV panels.