Maximising Power Output Sustainably

Designers and manufacturers of bespoke engine cleaning systems that restore power output and maximise revenue potential.

R-MC brings together surface-active chemistry and multi-high-pressure fluid injection technology to provide a total cleaning concept. Our understanding of compressor fouling gained through extensive research with Cranfield University ensures all engine types whether automotive, marine diesel engines or aviation and industrial gas turbines will benefit from the use of R-MC's pioneering cleaning technology.

Recognising the adverse effects of compressor fouling in industrial gas turbines and aviation jet engines, R-MC Power Recovery Limited has strategically shifted its focus towards the surging global demand for renewable energy. Leveraging its expertise, extensive knowledge, and innovative solutions, the company has embarked on a new venture centred around the cleaning of photovoltaic (PV) panels. This venture aims to benefit a wide range of stakeholders, including solar farm operators, businesses, and homeowners, by employing R-MC's specialised chemistry and its unique "Wash and Rinse" philosophy.

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